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Disclosure Information

AKO – Aktionskreis Ostafrika e.V.

Legal Status:
The association was founded on 24th July 1987 for an indefinite period.

Entry in the Register of Associations:
Entry in the Register of Associations in Traunstein took place on 25th September 1987 under number VR 570.

Rosenheimerstr. 20, 83278 Traunstein, Germany.

Latest version from 28th April 2018.

Tax exemption notice:
Tax office Traunstein, tax number 163/107/00146, from Juli 12th, 2018

Aims are the implementation of humanitarian development projects in Tanzania, especially in the fields of healthcare, education, basic supplies and infrastructure.
The organisation distinguishes between organisation-led projects, member projects and partner projects. All projects are subject to an evaluation and a decision by the management board. The board must evaluate the common benefit and decide on project implementation as well as performance reviews and billing.

Business year:
1st January – 31st December.

The organisation has about 600 members eligible to vote. The AGM is responsible for auditing the management board’s report and the annual accounts, the election of the auditors and the appointment of the members of the supervisory body, passing a resolution about constitutional amendments and determining the annual membership fee. The Board members are elected by the AGM every three years. The next election to the board will take place in 2017.

Legal Board:

                                      Vorstand Projektunterstützung “Ausland”: Herr Hans Siemer, Traunstein

                                      Vorstand Kommunikation/ Fundraising, “Extern”: Herr Ruben Wend, Chieming

                                      Vorstand Finanzen/ Mitgliederbetreuung, “Intern”: Frau Barbara Wohanka, Geisenhausen

                                      Vorstand Projektunterstützung “Inland”: Herr Paul Mayer, Teisendorf

Appointed Executives:

Die berufenen Vorstände werden vom gesetzlichen Vorstand berufen. Sie vertreten den Verein nicht nach außen, mit Ausnahme für ihre eigenen Projekte (z.B. Handwerkerschule Leguruki).

  • Ulrike Wehner, Rabenden, Finanzen
  • Horst Sieber, Freital bei Dresden, Finanzen
  • Jakob Prechtl, Traunstein, Technik/ Logistik
  • Andreas Neumaier, Aschheim bei München, Logistik
  • Nina Adolph, Bad Reichenhall, Bau
  • Dr. med. Achim Miertsch, Eckernförde, Medizin HNO, Augen
  • Dr. med. Alfred Leitner, Traunstein, Medizin Chirurgie
  • Erwin Remmele, München, Projektplanung
  • Anton Zenner, München, KFZ
  • Dr. med. Johann Dillinger, Traunstein

Supervisory body:
In accordance with the specifications of the German Central Institute for Social Issues’ seal of approval for donations from 1st January 2011, subparagraph 2.b, on 10th May 2014, the AGM appointed a supervisory body with three people.

Private donations, corporate donations, contributions from Rotary and Lions Clubs, from church groups as well as from private foundations, public funding through the Federal Republic of Germany (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development).

Administration costs:
All volunteers bear their own travel costs. For many years, administration costs have accounted for 4-6% of total expenditure and are completely covered by membership fees. Therefore every donation directly benefits the projects.

Rotary and Lions Clubs, Interplast Germany, Missionswerk Leipzig, Bayer, Missionswerk Neuendettelsau, Weltfriedensdienst Berlin, Robert Bosch Schule Ulm.

Mr Dieter Pape, Consultax GmbH StbG, Traunstein.

German Central Institute for Social Issues- Donation Seal of Approval:
For many years the organisation has held the seal of approval for donations from the German Central Institute for Social Issues in Berlin.

    Expenditure   Voluntary Work  
Support Services Year (Monetary and material donations)   In Tanzania  
    [ Euro ]   [ Arbeitstage ]  
  2007 493,108      690  
  2008 605,135      712  
  2009 431,890      738  
  2010 467,640      615  
  2011 468,813   1,012  
  2012 429,490      752  
  2013 570,573      958  
  2014 533,845      560  
  2015 523,783      760  

Traunstein, 31st March 2016