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How We Work

How we work

Our project sponsors are the churches and the Tanzania Projects Promotion Trust in Moshi, together with local organisations in Tanzania. We plan and realise our projects in close co-operation with these partners.

We monitor the projects long-term, to offer help when required.

We maintain equipment, workshops and material stores in Tanzania and give jobs to local people.

We train local people in a trade in educational centres and during project work to ensure they will continue to make progress independently.

We collect monetary donations to create as many jobs as possible in Tanzania.

We organise the donated items required in Germany.

We control all expenditure in Tanzania and in Germany accurately and verifiably and we account for each project precisely.

Our members work on a voluntary basis: in Germany, on planning, preparation and organisation of the development projects and on location, on making those projects a reality. Members pay their own travel costs.

Administration costs take up less than 10% of our funds and are fully covered by membership contributions.

Our principle is that each Euro spent will be fully transferred to the projects. More than 90 % of the money donated will be directly used for individual projects.