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Our goal is the implementation of humanitarian development projects, which contribute to the immediate and sustained improvement of the social, medical, educational and ecological situation of populations in need in the project region. In doing so, our aim is to support self-help activities for these groups as effectively as possible, as well as to involve them in partnership in the planning and implementation of our projects.

In the course of the joint project work, participants should work together interculturally, their level of knowledge should be increased, mutual understanding encouraged and existing preconceptions demolished. Furthermore, the respective cultures, traditions, approaches and local technologies should be taken into account appropriately and an intensive exchange of experiences should take place.

We want to help

  • improve the living conditions and food security, initiate and support vocational training and thereby strengthen the mid-sized enterprises sector and create job opportunities
  • establish water and energy supplies and thereby improve living conditions and create earning possibilities.
  • improve medical care
  • support the personal initiatives of the Tanzanians
  • direct help, to the fullest extent and in the correct form, to the right place and ensure the long-term sustainability of the support
  • promote dialogue between Africans and Europeans and demolish preconceptions on both sides

Supporting personal initiatives is our main principle. Not to alienate ourselves, rather to choose connected project areas, concentrate our activities regionally and provide projects with long term support- that is our strategy.

We aim to collect material and financial donations in Europe for our projects and to attract interested volunteers for work in Tanzania.