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Sepa Transfer

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    SEPA – Direct debit mandate

    Creditor ID: DE 52 AKO 00000 371028

    Mandate reference:

    I authorize (we authorize) the association AKO Aktionskreis Ostafrika e.V. to collect payments from my (our) account by direct debit. I (we) also advise my (our) credit institution to pay the direct debits drawn from my account by the Association AKO Aktionskreis Ostafrika e.V.

    Note: I can (we can) charge the reimbursement of the charged amount within eight weeks, beginning with the debit date. The agreed terms with my (our) credit institution are valid.


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    Donation receipt requested

    For your donation of 200 euros or more you will receive a certificate of donation as long as we have your complete address. For amounts lower than 200 euros a copy of your bank statement is sufficient for German tax offices. On special request we will also send you a certificate of donation for an amount of 50 Euro.

    I agree that this amount will be collected by direct debit from my account. If my account does not have sufficient money, there is no obligation on the part of the account-keeping institution to redeem. This authorization can be terminated at any time.


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    Aktionskreis Ostafrika e.V.

    Rosenheimer Str. 20

    83278 Traunstein


    Phone: +49 861 4395

    Fax: +49 861 164249


    Donation-Form with SSL-Encryption

    The transmission of your data is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer method, which is also used in homebanking. Your entries can not be read by unauthorized persons.

    Yes, I do accept the privacy policy