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Leguruki/ King’ori Education Centre, LKEC 706e

Leguruki / King’ori Education Centre LKEC was established in 1972 as “Leguruki Vocational Training School” LVTS by pastor (mchungaji) Klaus-Peter Kiesel with the target to offer to the children of this remote area the possibility to acquire education in practical craftmenship. In 2004 a technically oriented secondary school LEKI was added. AKO office in Ulm and in future AKO office at Nuremberg (both in Gemany) are supporting this education centre since 1998 and grant annually up to 80 scholarships to children of families who could otherwise not afford to pay school fees. A successful entry exam and a look into the family situation is a precondition to achieve a scholarship, which may be granted up to termination of the education after 3 resp. 4 years. Donations for scholarships are given by many individuals as well as by institutional sponsors and private foundations both in Germany and Austria. Infrastructural projects (e.g. water supply, dormitories, equipment for education) have been initiated and supported as well by AKO in the past. Annually between 300 and 500 students who are mainly boarding students are usually enrolled. The centre is situated in a compound of almost 60 ha with respective buildings and installations near to King’ori village and belongs to Lutheran Diocese of Meru at UsaRiver. 

Unterricht findet manchmal im Freien statt-k
Unterricht in Leguruki IMG_0980
August Jaeger lehrt die Dachkonstruktion fuer das dormitory-k
Autoelektrik Ausbildung von Gerd Reimann SES
Automechaniker Ausbildung
Beratung des Direktors durch Monika Gorbahn SES
Brunnen gesponsort von Henkel mit Hartmut Schanz
Das Lehrerkollegium der LKEC in 2010-k
Dormitory Anbau fertiggestellt mit August Jaeger SES IMG_5324
Entwicklungshelfer Netz MEW (7 Jahre) und Scheffler WFD (4 Jahre)
Erstes Schulgebaeude August 1974-K
Hartmut Schanz und Werner Schmid mit Bischof Akyoo
LKW Gespendet von Iveco Ulm und aufbereitet von Ausbildungsabteilung unter Ulrich Gregor
PC Unterricht
Photovoltaik Unterricht durch Fritz Berghuber SES-k
Dachrinnen fuer rain water harvesting
Es spriesst im neu angelegten Garten
Pflanzaktion im neuen Garten
Wasser fuer den neuen Garten
Brot backen mit den Tumaini Frauen der Gemeinde Kingori
Baum pflanzen