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Latest News: Construction of a casualty/ emergency room 103

Update 18.08.2017
The south side is completely plastered, with the north side three-quarters finished. The downpipes on the south side have just been installed, on the north side there is just one more pipe left to install underneath, as well as the connection to the outlet.

Update 29.06.2017
The roof is covered and the construction of the interior begins. As, in the past, painted concrete floors have proved not to be long-lasting, we are putting in terrazzo flooring today. These are highly durable, hard-wearing and easy to keep clean. They are also more aesthetically pleasing.

Update 02.02.2017
The weather has changed suddenly in the past week, we had a lot of rain showers of varying intensity. As you can see, we are still carrying on. Bringing the heavy timbers up to the roof was easier than expected. The team of AKO helpers was completed by Theo Spannring und Rolf Bührend. Theo is our man for roofs, while Rolf replaces Horst Sieber on the build and manages the local helpers alongside Adolf.

Update 27.01.2017
The building work continues. Adolf Rudolph and Horst Sieber have been on site since January and are making good progress. As usual, all the helpers are greatly motivated and their ingenuity knows no bounds. Problems are there to be solved!
Take a look at our latest pictures!

The AKO construction of an accident and emergency room in the existing Kibosho Clinic
Under construction since 2014, starting with the excavation of the building site and the building of an access road; the planning in 2014 was carried out in conjunction with medical specialists from the Traunstein Clinic. The construction costs for the completion of the build were estimated at €165,000, an especially low amount compared to similar German construction projects. During construction, only Tanzanian suppliers are considered, and we are working exclusively with local workers. In this way, they receive valuable training and furthermore earn money for themselves and their families in a region with a high rate of unemployment.

The facility is also donated by AKO. The planned start of operations is 2017.

6-Aufbau Montage2
7-Ausrüstung Theatre1
8-Ausrüstung Theatre2
9-Uebergabe Anlage
12-Übergabe Spenden
holding area k
recovery k
DSC00511 k
DSC00523 k
Der erste Bauabschnitt im Dez2014
Es geht vorwärts, die Decke ist betoniert die Dachkonstruktion folgt
Viele Hände ersetzen Maschinen
Viele Helfer und Schubkarren ersetzen den Baukran
Ausbildung von Helfern
Bauabschnitt 2 Dez2015
Bauabschnitt 2 im Dez2015_
Der AKO Bauleiter Adolf Rudolf mit seinen Helfern