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Karatu – Girls and Woman Empowerment

Project Summary

Girls and women in general are still faced with many challenges among them includes unemployment, poor education or low educational level and early motherhood. The society expectation and belief, women are the family care takers, meaning children caretakers and house chores. Single parenting is another challenge facing women and many young girls, as the male parents runs away from their responsibilities as fathers leaving the children’s responsibilities to the mothers; limiting them the access of education and economic benefits to support their children in a good way. The number of early or child pregnancies is also very high in the area around Karatu and other places around the country.

From the challenges affecting women and girls, the upcoming NGO in Karatu is to help those women and girls in solving their life problems and become respected and active members in the community socio-economic development.

Team in Karatu

In Karatu is our active member Stephan Auner to register with locals a national NGO. The current board members are consisting of 4 woman and 3 men all with background in social work and education and existing experience with NGO work. They will plan and develop the upcoming NGO together which is in registration process. 

NGO Objectives

  • Identification of the target groups by means of a task force that is active in and around Karatu, doing surveys and visiting families.
  • Community involvement in protecting endangered girls and women by providing information on events concerning our target groups and development of training plans for the individual cases
  • Provision of scholarships to endangered girls by connecting them with formal and informal(COBET) educational institutions with boarding.
  • Provision of a safe house to endangered girls with short time accommodation while looking for alternatives for them, such as boarding schools.
  • Provision of a day-care to support woman and girls with children to access education such as trainings, workshops, qt-classes, and college.
  • Help women acquire vocational skills such as weaving, soap making, potter, by workshops and trainings from professionals.
  • Provision of training courses for health education, in particular family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, and genital mutilation.
  • Providing leadership, management, and other life skill trainings for women to improve self-confidence and self-esteem in managing their lives.
  • Introduction of community awareness programs that will aim at increasing women and girl’s awareness and the community in general to create a sustainable society, which is free from harmful traditional practices and customs.
  • For the project sustainability, we plan a chicken and a vegetable farm and also to sell the products from vocational training through a local and online shop

Funding cost

All programs need together some property, buildings, staff and more and to get all things done and to fund it in a good way, we make the project in steps. For the first steps we need of course already some money for scholarships, some money for a small office, a salary for a social work, money for a survey group to identify our target groups in more detail and we also need to develop a proper business plan to develop a ling lasting NGO with good impact.

After we have developed the business plan and finished our surveys in 2022, we will start to fund our programs one by one. We hope, you will help us to accomplish our goal.

For the year 2022, we need around 6.424 EUR. In the table below you will find a more detailed overview.

ScholarshipsTemporary OfficeStaffSurvey groupTrainings
– Scholarships for 7 girls with background if child work, street life and abuse– small office for work and developing our NGO– social worker for caring of urgent cases, family visitation, follow ups and reports– small survey group to identify cases of our target groups– menstruation pad sewing training and soap making training
TZS 6.720.000,00TZS 4.020.000,00TZS 3.300.000,00TZS 720.000,00TZS 1.300.000,00
TotalTZS 16.060.000,00   
Total EUREUR 6.424,00   

5% of the donations are going to AKO Administration.


You can donate directly from our page under the following link via SEPA or Paypal.
If you donate, please dont forget to write the keyword “Karatu Education” in the field of purpose.

Donation summary will follow here in regular terms. 

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