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Dispensary Mbosho 199e

Extensive hospital and childbirth center in Mbosho, poor infrastructure, remote area, qualified nurses and laboratory staff  and a certified physician; supervised by the Hai District Hospital. 2001 start of construction of new building and in 2014 demolition of old ruinous dispensary, since 2014 in partial operation; completion of a laboratory. Opening of the complete building 2016 with several sick rooms, examination rooms, office, toilets, mother-child station and fully equipped laboratory, construction costs approx. € 60,000; funding by Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen, Rotary Club Vilsbiburg and Barbara Wohanka, basic equipment: sickbeds, beds by AKO. Daily operation is ensured by the Hai District Hospital, Barbara Wohanka and local parish

Nov 2018
Karibu Barbara
Dispensary Mbosho alt
Dispensary Mbosho Baustelle
Dispensary Mbosho Labor
Dispensary Mbosho Schild