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Two commercial washing machines for the hospital laundry

We are urgently raising funds for the purchase of two commercial washing machines for the Kibosho Hospital.

Please contact us at or donate online using the Paypal button on our website or here using our donation form.

The problem:
In addition to the hygienic necessity, hospitals in Tanzania will in future probably be prohibited from doing hospital laundry by cold-hand washing. Two household washing machines which were donated in kind to Kibosho Hospital are nowhere near able to cope with the volume. Hand washing is therefore the order of the day.

Project: Purchase of at least two commercial washing machines.
Project volume: Approx. 32,000€ for two machines (Miele) or approx. 22,000€ (China)

project management

Andreas Neumaier, Hans Siemer, both AKO

Project period:

Start: possible at short notice

Duration: 2-5 months