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Primary School Kibosho 617

Ingrid and Dr. Achim Miertsch founded a children’s aid project in 2005, after a 4-month working stay in Tanzania, to enable the children of the employees of the Kibosho Hospital to attend school. This project is run by Ingrid Miertsch, while her husband, Dr. Hans -Joachim Miertsch, is training the young ophthalmologists in Moshi and is teaching them, among other things surgical techniques.

As a result, in the past 14 years 826 children have been provided with the initial equipment they need to start school. This includes the school uniform that every child in Tanzania needs in order to start school. Each child also receives a pair of shoes, underwear, rucksack, exercise books, pens and school meals for one school year. All of these things are made on site by Ingrid Miertsch or she buys them locally. The cost of this initial equipment for admission to school is about 38 euros per child.

In addition, the following construction projects have been carried out in recent years:

During 2007, a new school kitchen and dining room were built with space for 150 children.
In 2008 the two primary schools in Kibosho were completely renovated.
In 2009 new toilets for the girls and boys in Kibosho were built.
In 2010, two teachers’ houses were completely renovated and equipped with toilets, showers and kitchens. These were handed over in May 2011.
Four new teachers’ toilets were completed in autumn 2011.
In January 2013, another school kitchen and dining room were completed.
In January 2014, new latrines were built for the kindergarten and the old latrines of the Community hall in Kibosho completely renovated.
In January 2015, 40 new school desks and benches were installed for the Primary School in Kibosho.
The complete renovation of the kindergarten in Kibosho was completed in February 2016.
In February 2017 the new kitchen of the kindergarten was officially opened.