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A look behind the scenes… 702

We would like to give you, in no particular order, a glimpse behind the scenes of a non-profit association. You can meet people and get to know routines that are constantly active in the background. It is fascinating to witness the impact volunteers can have when they exchange ideas with each other and with the people/friends in Tanzania and work with them professionally. In order to be able to successfully complete projects again and again for decades, we have to grow with the tasks. However, this requires a high degree of discipline and organization. To act efficiently and still guarantee the greatest possible transparency is a challenge which we, who work with the donations entrusted to us, want to meet and continually overcome. For this we need the help of local people in Tanzania who know the customs and procedures there. The worldwide proliferation of standardised IT and the improving education in Tanzania are of ever increasing help to us. Thanks to modern communication technology (Skype, Whatsapp…) we are practically in daily contact with Tanzania. Come with us and have a look:

Feb. 2019: Finance manager Hilda Kimath uses modern software in Kibosho
Working abroad requires the merging of two accounting departments. The greater the “cultural differences in accounting”, the more complex is the task of coordination. Inspired by the new possibilities of our DATEV – accounting software our AKO member Horst Sieber was in Kibosho in January working in close cooperation with our local finance manager Hilda Kimath to carry out some accounting changes in the Kibosho office. In order to speed up the transfer of documents from Kibosho to Traunstein, we are now using DATEV online software. The accounting documents are scanned promptly in Kibosho and transferred to the DATEV server in Germany. At the same time, the entire office organisation has been optimised. Hilda Kimath and our long-standing friend and helper Hyasinta Mumburi will thus be in a better position to meet the challenges of the future. Our board member Hans Siemer has known Hilda Kimath since she was born in Moshi. Many AKO members were able to witness her growing up and becoming an adult. She graduated from school and went to college and subsequently completed a degree course in Tanzania. She possesses a driving licence and is also a good driver and enjoys driving. Today Hilda Kimath is AKO’s only permanent employee and we are very happy that we were able to persuade her to join us. Hilda Kimath and her husband are now parents of two children and live in Kibosho.

Hilda Kimath
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