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Classrooms adapted for disabled pupils at Kibaoni

About 800 children attend the state Kibaoni Primary School in the small town of Boma Ng’ombe. AKO had already built a kindergarten for pre-school education at this school. The school is also attended by children with physical and mental disabilities who are individually cared for by their personal teachers. Since there is no other educational opportunity for them, the supervisory authority in the District Hai had asked AKO for special classrooms with disabled-accessible entrances and toilets with disabled supervision facilities. The project was planned and coordinated with the district. The building was completed within 4 months and was handed over to the school with a small inauguration ceremony.

Kibaoni Gebäude - 20180907_110229 mod
Kibaoni Lehrerin -DSC03179 cut
Kibaoni Toilette - 20180907_105952